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Building your site is quick and easy.  The following provides an overview of the various steps involved in your site building experience. 


The first two screens will ask you for some basic user info to help generate your user id that will allow you access the features of your site.  Typically, this will be your first and last name and/or a middle initial.

Site Information

The next few screens will collect the information you wish to display for people to contact you.  Also, you will have the opportunity to enter your billing information.

Photos and Logos

While you are creating your site, you will have the opportunity to upload a personal photograph and a company logo.  If you do not have these handy, don't worry, you can add them at a later or you can send us the information via mail or email and we will get them on your site.

Your own www.YourName.com address

You have the option to list up to 3 domain names of your choosing for us to secure for you.  We will check for the domain in the order of preference that you enter them in.  If in the event we are unable to secure one of the domain names you entered, we will contact you immediately for alternatives.
If you do not wish to have you own domain, we can provide one for you.  For instance, you could have a domain like www.dhsweb.com/YourName. All site features are available either way.

If you have your own domain already, we will have it transferred for you to your new site.

If you are uncomfortable ordering online, please email us with your contact info and one of our customer service representatives will respond as soon as possible.

E-mail: sales@DHSWeb.com

or call: 1-813-748-9059

to contact a sales representative anytime. 

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